Quitting Sugar

Earlier this year a friend in town asked me if I would be interested in going on a sugar quitting journey with her.  After sleeping on it for about a minute, I told her I was in. It’s been 8 weeks, and while I haven’t done it perfectly I am down by 4kgs/9lbs and about 4 inches around the middle.

While it hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been awfully difficult either. Probably the hardest thing has been dealing with being watched when I eat my lunch every day.  Everyone at school eats school lunch, teachers included. I’ve been eating school lunch for 3 years.  I suppose I could eat elsewhere, but I want to remain social and talk to other teachers.  There are a few that are always interested in what I’m eating.

One of my students comes over every day to inspect my lunch. Every single day. She’ll peer into my tupperwear/not tupperwear and declare one of two things. “Teacher, delicious?” or “Teacher, yucky!”  It’s kind of cute. I try to just simply answer her and tell her what I’m eating. That usually satisfies her curiosity.  At least once a week some student will notice I’m not eating school lunch and come and ask  “Teacher, why?”  I don’t really care for having to use the word diet to explain, but usually the response is “ah” or “okay” and that’s that.

Part of the adventure of quitting sugar has included trying to learn how to read food lables in Korean, so I can identify different kinds of sugar. Additionally, the 8 week program I was doing recommended eating sourdough bread (if you eat bread at all). Which got me on the kick of trying to make it myself. I’ve attempted two loaves so far, and just began my 3rd attempt at a starter.  Third time’s the charm on both counts? Fingers crossed.

In reflecting on these past 8 weeks I’ve also been thinking about my surgeries from last year After two I still don’t feel like things are as better as they should be. Maybe I should have gotten more serious about it before, but I know how ensuring a good dietary intake can really help with your overall health. I’m hoping that maybe cutting out sugar and getting back on a more focused and intentional way of eating will not only help me to loose the extra fat, but maybe it will help all those other problems that came along with the fibroids.

No pictures on this one for now, maybe in the weeks or months to come I’ll put up some before and after shots. (I’ve gained quite a few since moving here. ugh)

Here’s to new health adventures that will only serve to help me keep having more good and positive experiences in this life.

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1 Response to Quitting Sugar

  1. Dianne Young says:

    I should do the same and c what happens. If I stick to it I’ll let you know starting and sticking isn’t easy. Just have to b determined. Great job!

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