Two Seasons, Come and Gone.

I really have been slacking on keeping this updated.  Most of the school year has passed since my last update. It’s now October and the Chuseok Holiday here in Korea. That’s comparable to Thanksgiving, if you didn’t know.  I’ve spend the past few days cleaning my place, reading, going to the Cultural Festival held annually in my town, and playing games with friends. Tomorrow I will go camping for a few days.

In regards to my summer, this year I went to California to visit two of my sisters. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen each other. I had a great time with them and with my nephews. We went to Universal-Harry Potter World and Yosemite.

Here is a photo of my cup of Butter-beer. It was decent, but I’ve had it once and it was enough.  If you haven’t tasted it, it’s basically a pumpkin flavored cream soda.


Upon landing at LAX I took the shuttle bus to my younger sister’s place, whereupon I took a shower and we went out for breakfast.


She is a teacher and the week I came was her first week back to school. Meetings, getting her classroom ready and such. So, what did I do on my summer vacation? Helped her in her classroom.  Here are a few selfies I took while I was putting up bulletin boards and she was in meetings.

I spent the second half of my break at my older sister’s house with her and her family. My nephews are so much fun! The youngest introduced me to the exciting game of “Plants vs. Zombies.”  I might be a little bit addicted.



Yosemite was amazing. Next time we’ll know to be prepared to actually swim in Mirror Lake when we get to the top.



Oh, and did I mention that Korean Air has incredibly good service.  Not just customer service but the “service” service. In the Korean sense. In Korea “service” is when you get something for free. At a restaurant, cafe, grocery store, or petty much anywhere.  This is the complimentary plethora of stuff that you get on Korean Air. Good luck getting it on any American airline.


Pictured: Blanket, headphones, slippers.

Not pictured: Pillow, water, toothbrush, toothpaste.

I’m pretty sure there was something else I don’t remember.  The meals are also good and the number of snacks they give you….they just don’t stop feeding and hydrating you. Much needed on an international flight.

Well, that’s it for now. Maybe I’ll write some more after my camping trip since it’s a long holiday.  Until next time!


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