A Day at 대둔산 (Daedun Mt.)

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. Life has, for the most part been just teaching on a daily basis, lunches or dinners with friends, and such. Nothing particularly exciting or special to tell.

Since my last post, I went home for the ten days over my summer break. A few weeks ago I also spent the weekend at KOTESOL conference. (KOTESOL is a professional organization for English teachers in Korea.) That was really good, and worth mentioning. If you are a fellow NET then you should look them up and maybe go to your own local chapter’s professional development and social events.

Today I want to write about my latest trip up a mountain. And by mountain I mean….mountain.  I had been invited by a friend to join her (in a ‘come with me and my friend, and friends of friends, type of event) hiking up 계령산 (Gyerionsan), which I did in the spring. It’s quite high and I wasn’t sure about doing it again, since I am slow and not in great shape.  At the last minute she changed her mind and asked if I wanted to go to 대둔산 instead.  I wasn’t familiar with this particular mountain, so I did some ‘googling.’ When I saw the pictures people had posted about it, let’s just say I was even more not sure. You’ll understand when you see my pictures.  Anyway, I decided “why not” and we made plans to meet in the middle on Saturday morning and make our way there.

The journey started for me at 11:30am when my bus left 공주 (Gongju) to 서댸전 (SeoDaejeon) bus terminal. From there we  caught the city bus to 대둔산 (Daedun Mt.),  which took about an hour.  After getting off at the last stop we then had to walk another 20-30 minutes to the base of the mountain and the cable car station. Because of time we decided to take it up to near the top, as opposed to hiking up the whole way.

Here we are waiting for our cable car.


And a few pics of the view from inside the car on the way up.

There were signs on the mountain, just in case you need them!


I really didn’t know what to expect. I had seen that there was a suspension bridge. But I really wasn’t think about…

…the suspension STAIRS!  This is the view of them from the bottom.


And the top!

It wasn’t until I got about half way up those stairs that I actually started thinking about what I was doing. At which point, I looked up ahead of me and almost started to panic. But,  I used my ‘big girl’ coping skills, took some deep breaths, prayed, and just looked at the step right in front of my face. It helped a lot.

All in all, it was a good day.  There wasn’t really a “plan” per se.  We went into to it without really knowing what times the bus would come/go,  when the last cable car was, etc.  So, for me it wasn’t just a victory in climbing the top of a mountain and walking across one suspension bridge and stairs. It was a victory in really not worrying at all about what time do we need to get down, and are we going to make the bus,and, and and.

In the past, these things would have caused me a lot of stress. But yesterday? Not at all. (I think I may have annoyed my friend by being so “Don’t Worry About It” about it. But, it was a real victory for me to feel that way. Thank you life, and thank you God/Jesus for teaching me much needed lessons.

So, now on to ‘regular’ life at school and teaching.  Which, at times, can also feel like a mountain.


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