Birthday Weekend

So, as many of you know, this weekend it was my birthday.  It was a great weekend, filled with fun, friends and food.

Although, my birthday was officially on Saturday, I started my celebrations on Friday evening.  When I found out (a few months ago) that one of my favorite artists from “back in the day” was going to be playing in Seoul on the 24th, I knew what I wanted to do. So, a couple of weeks ago bought some tickets as a present to myself.  I went with a friend from choir. It was such a good show!  Just him and his acoustic guitar and a piano.

I took some video, but you will have to check it out on fb as I can’t post video here.


I stayed the night in Seoul, and the next day, my actual birthday, as I have been craving Mexican food we went to lunch at a place in the “foreigner district” of Itaewon.

Here is something I learned as a cultural difference. In Korea, it is traditional for the person whose birthday it is to foot the bill on the birthday meal when you go out!



Lunch was followed by a trip to Seoul Art Center, where we saw an exhibit by children’s author and artist Anthony Browne. It was also, excellent!  This was opening weekend, but it is there through September, so if you enjoy this kind of thing, it was well worth going!


By Sunday morning, I was back in Gongju and met some friends in my Korean hometown at a new “brunch place” in town. It was really yummy!  I hope we didn’t overwhelm the ladies as it is a small place and the 10 of us took up half of their space.


I ordered the “Too Much Plate” which is meant for 2 people and shared it with my dear friend Bridget. We also ate Eggs Benedict. It was really yummy!  The owner told me that she studied in Hawaii for 4 years. She was very nice!

After brunch, came Catan. This wasn’t officially part of my birthday celebrations, since various Native English Teachers teachers get together to play the game on an almost weekly basis. But, I can’t let the opportunity go by to post some pictures. Especially since Bridget and I won! Despite everyone’s best efforts to thwart us! lol. It was a fun game.  See the winning game!


It was a really great weekend. I have always loved to celebrate birthdays, but I think this was one of the most fun birthday weekends/progression of celebration that I have had in a while. So, thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with me in one way or another; and thanks to those who weren’t able to come but sent me well wishes, and such

I appreciate all of you!

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2 Responses to Birthday Weekend

  1. Dianne young says:

    Sounds like u celebrate like me. Keep
    It coming. Happy late birthday. But keep celebrating


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