…and into May!

This past weekend was Mother’s Day at home. Here in Korea it was a long holiday weekend in which both Children’s Day and Parent’s Day were celebrated.  Last Wednesday, the day before the 4 day weekend, our school had Sports Day. Sports Day, so I’ve been told, is in part a celebration of families. It was a good time.


Thursday morning I spent a little time cleaning my apartment and getting ready to head to Seoul for the weekend. I feel like I’ve been spending many weekends in Seoul. Oh, wait. I have!  All for the love of music.But more about that in a minute.

I know I have mentioned the Love Motels before. Usually when I stay the weekend in one I choose a hotel/motel specifically if the website I use to book indicates the bathroom has a bathtub.  The particular place I had booked had listed a bathtub as one of the amenities, but alas, no tub. Oh, well. Disappointing, but such is life  It was a decent enough for a place for somewhere I really only needed to sleep.

Friday I met a friend Annie (her English name) for the afternoon.  She had some suggestions of places to go and we had a good time.


After she had to go, I continued to walk around and found myself exploring one of the palaces in Seoul. It seems that there was going to be a classical concert there that evening, and I was lucky to get to hear some of the dress rehearsal. It was really cool!

One other thing I came across that was unplanned was a memorial to those lost in the Sewoll Ferry accident.  In short, what started out as a High School field trip ended in tragedy when almost 300 were drowned.  Mostly students, but also some teachers and crew members. A handful were never found.  This was the two year anniversary. I couldn’t bring myself to take any pictures close up. It just felt wrong. But I did take one from a distance.


Then Saturday, I did a little shopping in one of the many many underground shopping malls in Seoul.  I’m not generally big on  shopping, but since I’ve been here I find myself enjoying it a little more. But I still can’t do a whole days worth of “shop ’til you drop.’

Saturday night was the choir concert. The whole reason I decided to stay in Seoul for this weekend. So, here are a few pictures from call time through concert start.  Mozart’s Requiem.  It was the 3rd time I have been able to do this piece. I think I messed up a little more than I’d care to admit considering I’ve done it 3 x. But all in all, we did pretty good, I think.


Well, that’s it for now. TTYL.



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2 Responses to …and into May!

  1. dianne young says:

    hi again just love you notes Miss you . Our Victory Group is still going strong; lost Diann last fall ;the one with the costumes. she put up a good fight but the cancer finally took her. Keep having these great adventures . Love Dianne


  2. I heard about D’Anne. I was thinking about her the other day, and Victory group. Hope you are doing well, Dianne. .


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