Lunar New Year Weekend. Adventures in Skiing.

I think I’ve wanted to go skiing since I was about 12 years old, sixth grade. If we are counting years that would be around 30, but I’ve never really had the opportunity.

Well, this weekend I finally went. Here are a few pictures to document the process. After traveling by bus to the slopes Saturday afternoon, the evening was spent in the outdoor hot tub, and then off to see some fireworks at a hotel nearby.

Outdoor hot tub, you say? Yes, while it was snowing. No, it wasn’t cold. It actually felt really nice in there.  Did I mention that we rode over to the hotel for fireworks in a Norebang bus? (That’s a Karaoke bus.)  It was only a five minute drive, so there was no actual singing happening. But check out the decor!



Sunday was day one on the slopes. We started off the morning by picking up our clothes and equipment. Then we were off for some fun in the sun and snow.


So, Gwenda, how did you enjoy it? Let’s just say that after one partial run, I don’t think downhill skiing is the sport for me. It’s just not my speed, pun intended! It’s safe to say that I don’t particularly care for the feeling of being out of control while going faster than a speeding bullet.

I may give it one more try. While I’m very thankful for friends who tried to teach me, I think next time I will cough up the money to pay for a lesson. Take the process more slowly. I’d like to give this (thing that I’ve wanted to try for so long) a fair shake before calling it quits.

**Note to self. Next time be sure to start on the bunny slope, not the regular beginner hills.**

I didn’t go back out the second day; but rather, did some exploring with my friend, Chad. We walked around the resort, met with friends for lunch, and played a little Table Tennis. It turns out I’m rather decent at that.



Even though the experience wasn’t everything I expected I’m glad I went and glad to have given it a try. Still enjoying my time in Korea, and looking forward to year two!



I’ll leave you with one last photo. After deciding I was done on Sunday, my one pair of shoes were in the locker with my friends’ things. Since they a) weren’t done for the day and b) had the key to the locker….this is what I ended up wearing on my feet. While I’ve never been a fan of socks with flip flops, what can I say?  You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can’t take Florida out of the girl!  lol




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