Jeju Island, Day Two.

Day Two was just as jam packed as the first day. Maybe more so. Before woke up early, so I got up and went for a walk along the beach. “Selfie with the sunrise.” It was a nice, peaceful, relaxing moment before the business of the day set in.

IMG_20150927_064226 IMG_20150927_064633 IMG_20150927_070204 IMG_20150927_070247

We started off going to Manjanggul Cave, which is a lava tunnel. It was pretty cool. Literally and figuratively, not to mention wet. I almost twisted my ankle. Considering I have already done something to my ankle (I don’t know what, but too much walking aggravates it), I was pretty lucky I didn’t do worse to it.

IMG_20150927_102254 IMG_20150927_102206

Then we went to Yongnuni Oreum Creator. 용눈이오름.  It means “Dragon Eye Mountain.”  Supposedly it looks like the shape of a dragon lying down. We only had 40 or so minutes here, and since my ankle was bothering me I decided to only walk for 20 minutes one way and they turn around and head back down. So….I didn’t make it to the top.  But, I still got a pretty incredible view.

IMG_20150927_113010 IMG_20150927_113744 IMG_20150927_114019 IMG_20150927_114209 IMG_20150927_114223 IMG_20150927_114234

Then we went horseback riding. This was one of the “optional” stops. Of course I did it. Never been on a horse before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous sitting on top of such a large animal.  Nervous, but not overly worried. They took about 8 of us out at a time, maybe it was 6, with one trainer who would command the horses what to do. Basically we started out with them walking, then a slow trot, and then a bit of a gallop. They did exactly what he told them. They didn’t even really give us any instructions, but maybe that was more of a language barrier thing.

I’d do it again. I thought the ride was going to be 20 minutes, but it was only 5.  Too short, a bit disappointing.

IMG_20150927_123520 IMG_20150927_123932 IMG_20150927_124435image

Then lunch at a Folk Village. Nothing really special or overly exciting.  Lunch was good, although there seemed to be some confusion over who ordered what when the lady brought us our food, initially.  Call it more experience with the Korean way of sharing food. lol.


Then,we went to a beach. But only for about an hour.  There was a spot to take off and leave your shoes before walking on the sand. Unfortunately I didn’t see it before I dropped my shoes and socks in the water. Sigh. Good thing I had brought my flip flops in my bag so I had something else to wear on my feet.

14433370296291927719116 1443337040973999115008

Next stop, Oidolgae Rock for cliff diving. No, I did not cliff dive.  I may be “the adventurous one” but I kind of like breathing.  I don’t think I’d do a very good job of cliff diving considering the last time I tried to use a rope swing. Thanks, but no thanks.

IMG_20150927_165253 IMG_20150927_165314 IMG_20150927_170100

Next we went to Jeongbang Waterfall, which was probably my favorite stop of the whole weekend.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

IMG_20150927_180348 IMG_20150927_180539 IMG_20150927_180831 IMG_20150927_180942 IMG_20150927_181013

After that it was back to the pension.  Time in the evening to relax and eat dinner.  For those of you interested in food pictures, here are a few.  I didn’t have the grilled pork, but didn’t actually take a picture of my seafood stew. It was good.


Squid Ink pasta and red wine.

IMG_20150926_201957  IMG_20150927_204157 IMG_20150927_204206 IMG_20150927_204212at

That’s all for this installment.  Laters!

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