Jeju Island, Day Three and Four.

Day Three. Technically the last day of the trip, since four was basically traveling home. But I’ll get to that.  Day three was the optional day. I went to Udo Island. Another island off the main one, Jeju.  We spent a couple of hours there, and I met a friend from orientation. It was her birthday, so we met and went to lunch.


The restaurant wouldn’t let us in until we cleaned the sand off our feet. We asked ‘where?’ They said ‘the bathroom.’ Now, usually at the beach there is a faucet somewhere that you can use to wash off said dirty feet. No. Solution? Sink!

IMG_20150928_114504 IMG_20150928_120812 IMG_20150928_120855 IMG_20150928_120908

The Peanut Makgeoli (spelling things in a romanized way is hard sometimes! fyi) was pretty good.   The item below apparently came with the directions “must be taken orally.” I don’t want to know what that means somebody has tried to do with it in the past. lol.


After Udo, back to the pension for another evening of fun and relaxation.

IMG_20150926_195209 IMG_20150926_195222 IMG_20150928_181100 IMG_20150928_184805 IMG_20150929_072905 Suzanne 1

Day Four. Basically, was the journey home. We made one stop at a “souvenir shop” and then on to the express ferry this time.  The difference in time between the first ferry and the express ferry was four hours versus 1.5 hours. After having experienced both, let me just say the four hour trip was much better. AND next time I go to Jeju I will likely be FLYING.  Let’s just say that the express trip was so rocky that my stomach was empty by the time I got off the boat and I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day. Well, until I got to the Daejeon terminal at at about 8pm. It was awful. Never again. Not the way I would have liked to end such a nice weekend trip.

It was definitely well worth going, and I am ready to take some more trips when my  schedule allows for it!  I’ll be keeping you posted.

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