More at the Baekje Festival.

Went back to the Festival Friday after school.  Here are a few more pictures and videos.

1st, dinner with my co-worker, Alohi.  She is also a Native English Teacher, from Hawaii. The restaurant we went to is very good. Probably the best Korean food I’ve eaten anywhere so far.

IMG_20151002_181903 IMG_20151002_181932 IMG_20151002_181954

Fun and games!  I had four darts and popped 4 balloons with them.

So focused!

So focused!


I won this little guy. Isn’t he cute? lol

IMG_20151002_192010       IMG_20151002_192032   

Brass Band.

Brass Band.


View from the Fortress wall. 

View from one of the bridges across the river. The bridge itself and looking down onto the festivities.  The green bushes/flower bed says the name of the city in Korean.  Gongju.

IMG_20151002_203921  IMG_20151002_204416  IMG_20151002_204226

Unfortunately my videos aren’t the right file type for wordpress. Boo!  I got some video of the brass band and also of a girl group called “BABA” who were singing last night.  I think they are a new group.  May not have had their official “debut yet.”  I can’t find them anywhere online.

I also got some good video of drummers wandering and playing the streets around the festival. But unfortunately all that seems to have uploaded is the sound.

So, until I can figure out how to post video to this blog, enjoy the pictures!

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