Gongju Baekje Cultural Festival

공주 백제문화제

There are times when so much time goes by and I feel I haven’t done anything. Then, everything seems to happen all at once.  There have been many things this past week. Tonight I went to explore the festival going on in my city. It actually started last weekend, but since I was on vacation (another post on that one to come soon), today was my first chance to experience it.  Lots to look at, listen to and food to eat.

IMG_20151001_190508  IMG_20151001_190512

IMG_20151001_192250  IMG_20151001_192257

IMG_20151001_192909   IMG_20151001_193618


IMG_20151001_193741 IMG_20151001_193751 IMG_20151001_193931

Flower Lights

IMG_20151001_194836 IMG_20151001_194847

Ssireum Wrestling before this, but I didn’t take pictures of that.


You can write your wishes and such on these lanterns. This is what is written on the papers you can see hanging off the bottom of the lanterns. Haven’t had a chance to do that yet. Maybe tomorrow.

IMG_20151001_204701 IMG_20151001_204707 IMG_20151001_204734

The bus stop near the Fortress has been decorated to look more traditional.


Finally, Gongju is known for it’s Chestnuts. I bought and ate some yummy chestnut bread, and bought some Chestnut Makgeolli.  Makogeolli is a fermented “adult beverage,” usually made from rice.  When I open it I’ll take a picture so you can see what it looks like outside of the bottle.


That’s it for now.  Good times, neat fun.  If you’re in Korea the festival goes through Sunday. Come on down!

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