May’s Excursions.

Since I just wrote on rather lengthy post, I’ll keep this one brief. Just a few comments and pictures to show some specifics.

Gongsanseong Fortress. This is one of the historical sites Gongju is known for. It took me about two hours to walk the entire wall. Not an easy task being as out of shape as I am, but an accomplishment nonetheless.

4. more guards           9. more stairs     25. people were smaller

Found a neat outdoor gym on the outskirts of a hiking trail. Haven’t done the trail….yet. Need to go back and actually use the gym. If only getting there didn’t require climbing a ridiculous number of stairs!

Outdoor gym 2 Outdoor gym 3

Another hike.

hiking 6 hiking 9 hiking 12

Sports Day.

20150509_091233 20150509_094649 20150509_110501

I got to go with my school to a teacher’s Volley-Ball Tournament. It was between the three National Schools in our Province and my school left victorious! Woo Hoo!  Pictures will have to come later for this one.

I also had the opportunity to go see an Orchestra concert that one of the parents in my school played in. It was really good.

Finally, I was asked by my school if I would teach an English Language book club for upper elementary school students by the office of education. As I write this I’ve done the first class. It will be every other Saturday from now through the summer. If the first class is any indication of how the rest will go I think it will go very well.

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  1. Maribel says:

    Very beautiful!


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