Two Months In

It’s hard to believe I’ve been here two months already!  Actually, it’s been just over two as I write this. Time really does keep marching forward. I may or may not have been avoiding updating the blog. Not intentionally, but something to do with being too stuck in my own head, for sure.

apt 7

My Apartment

In some respects it’s been a relatively easy adjustment. In other respects, not easy at all.  Technology has come a long way since I spent the year in Haiti back in 1998-99. However, I’ve been having almost every technology issue imaginable to me, and I find it quite frustrating.  Not only has it made communicating with people back home a tad more challenging than I’d expected, it’s also made communicating with the people I’ve met in the country more challenging. So frustrating. BUT, I’m getting it all worked out slowly but surely. food 3 side dishes

I’m not in a huge rush to do all there is to do. I can see myself staying here for a while. so I’m in no hurry. Having said that there are moments when I think to myself that I might be taking things a bit too slow. I’ve been looking into some group trips you can sign up for; for example, a tour of the DMZ. Haven’t registered for that one yet as I missed the current one, but I’m sure I will.

CBF 21

Gyeryongsan National Park. at Donghaksa temple.

The main thing I’ve been focusing on these first couple of months is trying to adjust to learning how to do daily life. Things like going grocery shopping, communicating with the bank teller, or putting money on my bus card…or taking the bus.  Things you most definitely take for granted when you a) know how the system works, and b) know the language.   CBF 26

I just had orientation about a week ago. It was really good and not as bad as I’d thought having it two months into the job.  I got to meet lots of really nice people and got some good tips out of the trainings. It was a full week!  Some of the cultural experiences they had for us included a Taekwondo class and a Korean Musical. For those of you not on Facebook, in the Taekwondo class I broke a board into three pieces, with my fist. It was awesome!  The musical was also excellent.

2015-04-11 14.42.22

Seoul, outside Gangnam station. Yes, that Gangnam.

There has been lots of Kimchi and trying of new food. Including a street snack of bug larvae. I did NOT like it, but I tried it!  I’ve been told by several of the teachers and staff at school that they are impressed with my chopstick skills and how well I am able  to eat the food.  I think they mean it, but when I have one of  those “I think too much” moments I think they are just being nice.

Well, I think that just about sums up the first couple of months. I will also post a few pictures for those of you not on FaceBook.  Miss you all!

Much love,


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2 Responses to Two Months In

  1. mollyrutter says:

    I can TOTALLY resonate with the way you’ve been feeling, Wenda! It also took me a while to update my blog and I haven’t felt the desire to “live it up” and travel as much as I thought I would. But I think you’re right about it having to do with the lack of comfort in our daily lives. I too have been “in my head” a lot, and I wonder if I’ll later regret not doing or seeing as much as I could, but then again, we’re just doing our best to cope with a VERY different lifestyle and I guess that’s all we can do! 🙂


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