The Inevitable Stare. “You’re Moving Where?”

If I was the type who likes to use double punctuation, I might be inclined to put a question mark and and exclamation point in the above title of this post.  I’m not, you get the picture, moving on! 🙂

I think most who know me have heard the news by now. Some have heard the “what made you decide to go there?” or the “your not going to do counseling anymore?” stories. For those of you who haven’t I’ll try to be succinct.  Let’s see if I can do it in bullet points.

  • For a long time before bullet point two, I had been feeling as if what I was doing, while sometimes fulfilling, for several years had me in a worse off place than I was in my second year out of college. (circa 1999) It was way past time for the situation to change, but every opportunity that started to look good just never came through in the end. There really is a reason for everything.
  • July or August 2014: My friend Jennifer got me sucked into the world of K-Dramas. “Girl, you know it’s true…..oooh, oooh, oooh, I love you!”  You know it’s true. All your fault.
  • August 2014: I decide that if I knew Korean I could watch without having to rely on subtitles, so I started looking into language learning websites and such.
  • Found
  • Found many YouTube videos from other ESL teachers in South Korea who are already teaching or have taught in the past. Started watching too many of them and started loosing sleep.
  • I decide that “that looks like fun. I used to be a teacher, I could do that!”
  • In a move which consisted of far less thinking about it than is normal for me, I researched recruiters vs. applying directly and had submitted my resume to my recruiter within the week.
  • This is all still August!
  • September 2014: Interview with my recruiter.
  • September: Work on getting all my official documents in order. Some took longer than others. I’m still waiting of the Apollstilled CRC from our government. Good thing I decided to bite the bullet and pay again to have an approved third party take care of it. Had that back in about 9 days.
  • October 2014: Had my official interview with the English Program In Korea (EPIK)
  • October: Passed said interview
  • November 2014 continue to gather all official documents. Now that I’ve passed the interview everything needs to be FedExed to Korea.
  • December 2014: Wait, wait, and wait some more for news of placement.
  • Mid January 2015: I am on the waiting list. I didn’t expect this. Now I have to wrap my brain around staying and trying for Fall.
  • January: I get a placement. I am fortunate to know not only what city I will be in but also what school I will be at.
  • Get a copy of contract and Notice of Appointment. Apply for Visa.
  • Start posting all of my crap on Craigslist, FB Online Yardsale sites, and my own FB page.
  • Sell a couch. Look at empty space where it used to be. Realize you’re leaving in 3 weeks.

So that is pretty much the story, and where it’s at right now.

Thanks for listening!

Love, G

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